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F connector

XT-F 087

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Characteristic impedance 75Ω Temperature range -65~+165°C
Frequency range 0 MHz to 3 GHz Working Voltage ≤170V
Center conductor retention force ≥0.2 N Vibration  100m/s2  (10~500Hz)
Conductor resistance Center Conductor ≤ 10 mΩ
Outer Conductor ≤ 5 mΩ
Durability Mating cycles  ≥500
Withstanding voltage ≤500V rms
Voltage Standing Wave Ratio Straight  ≤1.20
Right angle ≤1.30
  Parts Name Material Plating
Material And Plating Body Brass Nickel plated 
Pin contact Brass Gold or silver plated
Resilient contact Tin bronze Gold or silver plated
Insulators PTFE
Gaskets Silicon rubber
Crimp ferrules Copper alloy Nickel or gold plated
Applicable standard IEC 60169-24